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Prayer Request

Our grandma is very sick. She has pneumonia-like symptom. She can't eat by herself that Mom has to feed her. Grandma is 91 years old and with senile dementia. Mom is taking care of our sister, who is in vegetable state - where only autonomic nerve is working, too. Taking care of two people who needs full-time care is overwhelming. Indeed, Mom also has physical pains because of the hard work. Please pray for both Grandma and Mom.

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God Will Take Care of Me

I knew I have kept thinking the ways go back home. In such and such situation, can I go back to Japan? How about in this situation? Is it a good excuse? No, the Lord is leading me to this land. Maybe I should take 6 classes sometimes, so I can cut off 1 semester... etc. Yesterday, I suddenly realized that I had ticket for Osaka on July 5th... today. I couldn't help myself but weeping. I prayed, "Lord, I still believe You are leading me to this country, to this school; but I wanna go home. I… Continue

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The Classes Are About To Begin

I signed up for 5 classes, which I need to take or I won't be able to finish the study in 3 years. The classes are;

-Theology I

-New Testament I

-Old Testament I

-Foundation of Christian Counseling

-Nature of Personhood

I'm excited to study God's Words professionaly and counseling, which I'm very interested in; although many Filippinos find them too much. Well, I love research. Also, as an international students, I am required to take 4-5 classes by the… Continue

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I miss you Japan a lot. I miss my family, church, friends, and our puppy, more than I expected. Especially, when I'm alone in my room, the quietness speaks to me, "You are alone." I confess that I cried when I went to bed last night. I told God, "Lord, I'm lonely. I even feel I want to give up already, although I don't want to rationally. Help me! Confirm once again that You are the One Who called me here."

However, I woke up somehow feeling better. My face was just normal, no facial… Continue

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halka's blog

I just opened my blog. I'll keep you updated on this site, but visit my blog, too.


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