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P-LS Newsletter for March 2012


Several years ago, I requested a friend to create a website for our prayer ministry called, Prayer-Life Seminars (P-LS). This ministry dates back some 27 years ago and was founded by an American and Korean War veteran, Dr. Hugh White. Under his able leadership, this prayer ministry has expanded to several countries in Asia and Africa as well as in New Zealand.


Seeing the necessity of the internet as a tool to increase awareness of what we're doing at P-LS, securing a domain name was the logical next step. Actually, we purchased two, bearing the Prayer-Life Seminars name and the extensions ending in .org and .com. To our dismay, however, the "trusted" company that handled our account bungled the transaction and consequently, the domain names are now under the control of a third party which we never had any contact before. Adding insult to injury, we are now required to re-purchase it for an undisclosed amount that could be much higher than the original plan we used to have.


How about this Ning site? Though this site is still in operation http://prayer-lifeseminarsjapan.ning.com/we find it hard to maintain because of its limited capacity. It started as a free service, but the company changed its policy to charge its users. There are new applicants to our network of intercessors, but adding more names means bigger capacity and more expensive fee. We are running this site free of charge to our users.


At any rate, we would keep this site running as long as it still serves its purpose. Connecting prayer warriors and promoting prayer among God's people, that is. Meantime, please help us spread the word that this is still a viable platform for us who seek the fame of God among the nations and especially here in Japan.


If anyone is interested in helping us maintain this website by subsidizing some of its financial obligations, we would be happy to share more information with you. Please contact me directly through this e-mail address: j.ricohermoso@gmail.com and we can exchange ideas on how to proceed. Thanks for your understanding and support.


Joseph Ricohermoso

P-LS Japan Coordinator

P-LS Newsletter for March 2012


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