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Hello everyone, I would like to share what I learned through the K.U. Bible Class.
The text was "Lazarus, come out !", John 11:28-44

Jesus performed the miracle by rising up Lazarus. Before it, Jesus instructed to take away the stone from the entrance of the tomb, but Martha was disobedient. She thought that it's too late and the body would smell bad. Her thought was very reasonable, I think.

In our daily lives, we face many difficulties. If the problem is urgent, we seriously pray God to help us and expect His prompt solution. However, when things go bad, we are so disappointed and think that God was not on time.We may think that what was wrong with us, or God didn't hear our prayer.

I think that God instructs us through Holy spirit to remove the big stone, our own idea, unbelief or preconception, which block us from seeing His glory.
If I were there, I'd be definitely like Martha. However Jesus reminded her His promise, so I need to keep His promises in my mind. Because I can remove the stone by reminding His promises.

I also found the difference between trusting in God and expecting God for what we desire.
Martha expected Jesus to heal Lazarus. It's very natural but it was her idea. Trusting in God leads us to deeper relationship with Him. It leads us to such humble confession, " Even if He does not, I believe in Him" Daniel3:18

Hope you have a good day in Christ.

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Comment by Masako Miyamoto on April 12, 2010 at 8:08am
Hi, Michelle. Thanks for your comment. Yes, it was couple of days after of your calling. However when I wrote this, some struggles I heard from some people also came up to my mind. Even though the problems are individual, the routes of them are common and the ways to resolve them are in the Bible. In the discussion at K.U Bible Class, I sometimes discover the reasons of our struggles or confusion.
I continually would like to share what discovered to encourage each other. Thank again for your comment.
Comment by Michelle Tonks on April 12, 2010 at 2:21am
Thank you Masako san for sharing this. I know it`s for me in my current situation....do you write this before or after we talked this week? Anyway, yes! I want to learn this more. Trusting God at all times, not just believing for things.


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