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I would like to share what I learned in the K.U Bible Class.

The text was "Encounter at a tomb", John20:11-18.

We discussed why Mary didn't recognize Jesus.There were many opinions," because she collapsed in tears, she assumed that someone took away Jesus or seeing living Jesus was out of her expectation....." We cannot know exactly why, but one thing became clear.

We already know how she was brave through the other articles in the Bible. When she poured the expensive oil on His heard and wiped His feet with her hair, she didn't care about losing her finance and others judgment. She just showed her strong love to Him as much as she could. As the result,she comforted Jesus who was going to die on the cross.When she went to the tomb first of other disciples, she didn't fear to be arrested as His followers. She desired to bury Him courteously.

What made such a low status, uneducated woman so brave? It's love for Jesus. She loved Jesus with all her heart and with all her soul and with all her strength.
I wrote about my weakness in the blog," fear" but I found the clear answer for my weakness in Mary as well. If I love Jesus strongly, I can be a brave witness with His love for others .

Because love cast away fear from us.

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Comment by Mami Ghone on April 5, 2010 at 7:40pm
Amen! Your blogs are such an encouragement!


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