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Easy Gospel Songs to Practice in Japanese!

Hi everyone,

I am unofficially translating many English gospel songs into Japanese.

Like I said, it's unofficial, I don't know what kind of permission you need to have to officially translate gospel songs....I thought I want to share with u some of the easiest songs I have translated, so that you can praise God in Japanese in your own time. It is truly wonderful to praise God in different languages, more so if your first language is Japanese.

So the very first, easiest of all, is 'Just to be close to you' by Joann Rosario. (<- here is the link to the song.)



Just to be close to you,

shunosoba ni i ru

Just to be close to you,

tada so re da ke ga

Just to be close to you,

ta----ta hi to tsu no

is my desire.

wa ga nozomi


In Japanese, it can be written as:

主の傍にいる(shuno soba ni iru) = To be close to the Lord

ただそれだけが (tada sore dake ga) That is the sole

たった一つの (tatta hitotsu no) That is the only

我が望み (waga nozomi) My desire

Enjoy your time with Jesus!


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Comment by Mami Ghone on September 10, 2010 at 6:22pm
Pastor, Click the title of the song, and you can find the youtube link for this song. It's a very very easy song to sing. Please enjoy :)
Comment by Joseph Ricohermoso on September 10, 2010 at 12:16pm
Thanks, Mami-san! You're doing the Japanese church a great service. I wish we knew the tune too!


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