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Brothers and Sisters of JPL,


Pastor Joseph posted  "Japan Calamity on Three-Eleven" forward.

I'm grateful his love and caring for my beloved country.  Plus it's very helpfull to know  how to pray.


I got some mails what said  "I'm praying for hurting people and Japan" from other countries.

Knowing love of brethern from foreign countries and they are praying for Japan gives me power to pray and strenghten my spirit.


Day by day, damage is worse and worse , the victims are increasing. Even suvivors are worrying how long this tragedy continues and losing hope. 

Please pray with us.  I strongly desire Jesus  will be reveald to people's hearts as the Light and Hope.

They need food, water, batteries, oil but the Savior is essential for them.

Please, please pray with hearts of us.


Love in Christ,


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