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I actually have another website where I blog regularly (reminiscing-all.blogspot.com). However most of my post are about my daily life as I walk with God to eternity. I will try to write what I think and feel about Japan as I starts praying for Japan.

As an introduction, once I prayed and asked God for a place where I should go for a mission trip (without mentioning if it should be a short, mid or long term mission trip). Then somehow 3 places come to my mind, Japan, China and Africa.

I tried to reason why these 3 countries. There's a lot of factors contribute to why I have the 3 countries in my heart even till this day, but I'll just share quickly about Japan:

Japan is the most high-tech country in Asia, if not in the world. Japanese people can be considered as successful people as they succeed in short period of time in building their country after the WW2. However, there's always price for something.

The older generation worked so hard to build their country they forsake their spiritual need by continuing living their life with the old tradition and abandon family. Hence, there's a big gap between the older and the younger generation. The gap is so big that the younger generation got so confused with which path of life they need to take. Hunger for freedom from parents dominion (also caused by lack of parental guidance/education) led them to finding alternative ways to feed their search for acceptance and love.

But here's the interesting part, because of the many success Japan has achieved, many asians countries, even the world look up to Japan. So if we can help them to get in touch with their spiritual side, getting them connected back again to God, I can't imagine the impact Japan will cause to the world, especially the asian countries, those who tried to follow its footstep in becoming a successful country/people.

I have few friends from Japan and they live in Japan. I have been to Japan in 2001 to visit my friends for 2 wks. Love it, and would like to go back there again. My prayer is that I want to see my friends to come to know Christ, so I can meet them again in Heaven. I don't know when and how this can happen, but I hope that I can witness them living their life to the fullest as a christian in my life time.
Antonius Silaen

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Comment by Joseph Ricohermoso on May 19, 2009 at 10:43am
Hi, Bro. Antonius!

Thanks for your blog. We hope you will keep it coming.

Yes, we agree with what you said and we really admire your passion to reach out to the Japanese. May God open more open doors of opportunity for you to interface with them and share to them the Good News.

May you have fruitful week in Jesus!

Pastor Joseph


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