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The Blood of Jesus Christ

Please check this out. Copy and paste it into your address bar on the top of your internet page, please.

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Father's Amazing Freedom

Dear Father’s children:

When you live alone, the enemy loves to use it as an opportunity to attack. Last Friday night, I did myself in as usual on Friday nights by thinking, “Wow, its Friday, what are my friends doing? Where can I go? Who can I call?” In the West, Friday is the first evening of the weekend and the work week is done. It is a joke at work to say TGIF which means Thank God It’s Friday. Traditionally, friends and relatives get together or husbands and wives, girlfriends and… Continue

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Warning on Hoaxers

Dear Friends:
I received a request to accept as a friend Jen Thomas. I may be forgetful but I don't know a Jen Thomas. Do any of you know a Jen Thomas. With her request is a note that she made $913.00 doing work for google. She gives a mail@japan prayer link email address which is very generic. It has the markings of a hoax so don't accept this if you don't know this person. Hoaxers play on our greed for money to accept and ask them questions.
God bless

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I am sorry Mamie san

Dear Mamie san:
My sincere apologies. My entries on the Forum page bumped you to page 2 and people have to click the 2 to find you. Please don't forget about Mamie sans invitation to introduce yourself to us. Her note is on page 2 of the Forum.
God bless you all

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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Please check out my message in the Forum section. I believe God has given us a way to reach the lost in Japan in a way they can relate to and a way that takes them from where they are at to Jesus. I pray we can raise up evangelism teams to do street witnessing with Christians who are prepared to know what to say and who have confidence from their knowledge and wisdom in handling the Gospel message to overcome their fear of witnessing.

God bless… Continue

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Very Uplifting

Dear Joanne:
Your praise report was a real blessing and pick me up. Thank you. It's been a long day in the house and I was getting a bit weary. You gave me a refreshing wind.
God bless

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Father's Amazing Wisdom

Dear Father's Children:

Have you ever been hurt by another person and could not get the sorrow and sick feeling in the pit of your stomach to go away? When crises like these hit us, the thoughts and feelings seem always to haunt our minds and won't go away? How can we be free of this?

Paul cried out these words in Romans 7:24-"Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death? And then he exclaims in praise in verse 25: "Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our… Continue

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Reading blogs

Dear friends:

I was talking to a friend and asked him if he saw my blog Father's Amazing Grace. He said he only saw my second blog that I posted the same time. Because blogs stack one on top of the other with the latest on top it is easy to assume that only the top blog of the same person has not been read. Please don't miss the sharing blogs I believe the Holy Spirit is asking me to write. For all the blogs by everyone, we need to look at the time they were posted so we don't miss a blog… Continue

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In Mourning

Dear Father's Children:

My counsellor, mentor, and friend went to be with Jesus last Friday morning in her sleep. There is a throne and many crowns in Heaven for this precious old saint who walked close to Jesus everyday and fasted and prayed regularly. Kathryn Creed and her late husband, Julian, were missionaries to Japan in the 1990s. She loved Japan and prayed for you all. I miss her much. We had conversations by phone every other day. She knew many of your names and loved to hear the… Continue

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Father's Amazing Grace

Dear Father's Children:

Neil T. Anderson, author of The Bondage Breakers, said that our feelings follow our thoughts. If I wake up in the morning knowing that I am going to lose my job that day I will feel sad and worried. However, if I wake up knowing that I am going to get a raise, I will feel happy. Therefore, if we control our thoughts, we can manage our emotions. Now there are times of course when this is more difficult like when you lose a loved one; however, in our normal lives of… Continue

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Thank you

Dear Father's children:

I want to give a praise report to Father and thank you my friends. Father has supplied me with so many Japanese teachers it is difficult to keep count. I know that most of my difficulty in adjusting to Japan has been not knowing the language. But God is faithful to supply so many beautiful people that want to help. I want to say a special thank you to Naoko san for the hours that she worked with me. She has such a heart to help with God's work. Also, thank you to… Continue

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Father's Amazing Peace

Dear Father's children:

One of the most beautiful gifts that Father as given us is His Peace. In John 14:27, Our Lord Jesus told the disciples, "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid." Immediately after Jesus promised us His peace to give to us stability and rest in our hearts, He warns us not to be troubled and not to fear. Why? Because His peace is fragile in our hearts and easily… Continue

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Father's Amazing Love

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Hallelujah. Oh there is so much love in that statement. Our God, the One and Only Creator God, because there could only be one Creator, created us out of His love, for His love, and to have objects to love. In Proverbs 8:30-31, the writer is personifying Wisdom, which is Jesus Christ and Wisdom (Christ) is speaking about the time when He was with Father as Father created us. Wisdom (Christ) says that 30 "Then I was beside Him (Father,… Continue

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